• 3 Reasons why you should sing as a musician : Hear it - Sing it- Play it Has anyone every told you that? It's a really basic concept that is often overlooked in teaching instrumentalists. Some of the greatest instrumentalists were also great singers. Pushing down a valve or key doesn't automatically mean you will get the correct note or pitch. But singing should be a natural part of our musical development. Often times, if I or my students can sing the phrase that is to be played on the instrument, it all of a sudden becomes easier to play and is more naturally musical. This talks about this here and what role this plays in developing our musical ears naturally with our voice.
  • Eble Music : Sheet music store. Order online or over the phone. 319-338-0313
  • Engelbert Schmidt! : Look for a video on him explaining hand position in the bell, but he also is a hornmaker extraordinare! Lots of info and interviews on his page!
  • Hollywood Piano : Local Burbank music store. Carries my music for students upon request.
  • Horn Hangouts : Sarah Willis was the first woman brass player in the Berlin Philharmonic. Check out her website for past interviews on Horn Hangouts, especially 2 from the LA IHS conference. One is interviews with Hollywood Horn legends, Jim Thatcher and Brian O'Conner, and one is with Sports and Music psychologist that talks about mastering ones mental performance skills.
  • How does taking private music lessons benefit my child? : 6 Benefits of Music Lessons article by Parent magazine.
  • Ifor James and holding the horn : Hand position and holding the horn in the bell
  • Online music theory tutor : Theory information
  • Proper embouchure : Horn playing embouchure examples, good and bad.
  • Studying music can change your brain! : Children have developmental benefits when they actually learn an instrument, as opposed to just listening to music. (The Mozart Effect)
  • The Horn Guys : Ferguson's Store/Horn Guys in La Crescenta for all of your local horn needs, oil, grease, books, etc.
  • Vox Brass - Mele kalikimaka : It is possible to sing and play...
  • Why Students really quit their musical instrument (and parents guide how to prevent it) : Tips and information about why and how to prevent kids from losing interest in continuing to pursue their musical instruments.